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Rehearsal Space

Current Students have free access to the studio rehearsal space. 

First Come, First Serve. Availability is Limited. 

Please note that scheduling a free rehearsal space is not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but paid appointments at the studio will take priority. We will let you know ahead of time if we need to reschedule your rehearsal space time slot. 

You may schedule up to 2 hours  (2 one hour sessions) per day. Please contact Abby if you need more time. 

After you schedule, you will get a confirmation with a unique code to unlock the studio's back door. You might also need a code to unlock the building if you're rehearsing during the weekend of after 5pm.

Please contact Abby if you would like to schedule a rehearsal space. Contact Abby have any questions.
Text 725 600 2626 or email info@bsaastudents.com